Fuchsia OS: This Android Successor Could Replace Android In 5 Years


We have previously reported that Google is working on an operating system named Fuchsia OS which is deemed as a successor to Android.

A recent report by Bloomberg reveals that the engineers working on the project have plans to roll out the new operating system initially to voice controlled devices like smart speakers and gradually to other devices including laptops and mobile phones. The change could happen as early as within the next few years.

Project Fuchsia OS was initiated to overcome the challenges faced by Android and is more suitable with voice controlled devices. The operating system would have the same look and feel across all the devices.

With Android relying on hardware partners for most of its functionality, it has been difficult for the dominant operating system to keep up with constantly evolving artificial intelligence technology.

Developments in Fuchsia OS So Far

Google started working on Fuchsia OS, an open-source operating system, in 2016 with a team of just 100 engineers. In the same years, Google allowed third-party developers to play around with the code of the OS in development.

In 2017, David Burke, Android VP of Engineering at Google publically acknowledged Fuchsia OS and said that it’s an early-stage experimental project. The logo of the OS was changed in the same year. Google also released Fuchsia Armadillo UI.

Now, Bloomberg states that the engineers who are working on the project have “a grander plan” for the OS. It could replace Android gradually said the engineers without revealing their identity.

Can Fuchsia OS Replace Android?

It is not as easy as it sounds. Android powers 80% of the smartphones running across the globe. However, with the recent fine of the record $5 Billion on Google for abusing its dominance in Android, Google must be looking forward to developing something which does not depends on smartphone manufacturers as much as Android does.

Google Denies Any Plans For Fuchsia

After Bloomberg reported that the engineers have plans to replace Android with Fuchsia OS in “next half decade,” Google has told CNET that there no roadmap designed for Fuchsia yet and it is just “one of many experimental open-source projects.”

At the moment, Fuchsia OS is nothing more than an open source project which is in the development phase. There have been reports of a tussle in Google regarding the security features of Fuchsia OS and how it must be integrated into different devices.

It would be interesting to see what lies in the future of the project and whether Fuchsia OS can replace Android within the next five years amidst the rising criticism of Google’s authority over Android.

What do you think about this possibility of Android’s replacement? Is it possible? Keep reading at fossbytes.com.

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