Free Windows 10 Upgrade Still Available With Windows 7 And 8.1 Keys


Short Bytes: Microsoft’s Windows 10 free upgrade is still available using the Windows 7 and 8.1 product keys. Reports of Windows 10 being activated after even July 29 are floating around. Is this a legitimate move from Microsoft to increase the Windows 10 installation numbers or a genuine mistake?

Microsoft poured water (officially) on the Windows 10 free upgrade campfire on July 29. However, we can still feel the heat. We only have to go a little bit closer to it. What does it mean? The Windows 10 free upgrade is still available using the existing Windows 7 and 8.1 keys. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet has reported that some users are able to activate Windows 10 for the first time using their Windows 7 and 8.1 keys, although, the upgrade campaign has ended.

“My ZDNet colleague Ed Bott mentioned in passing in an updated post about Windows 10 that he also was able to get Windows 10 for free after July 29 using a never-used Windows 7 Ultimate product key. Paul Thurrott of also noted last week that he still was able to get Windows 10 for free using an existing product key,” — writes Foley.

Only a vague thought could be expressed on the fact whether Microsoft is doing this knowingly or they just forgot to press the “turn off” button for the free upgrade.

Another mode of getting the free upgrade came in to light a couple of days ago, wherein people pretended to be deaf and blind to claim the Windows 10 free upgrade for users with assistive technologies. Microsoft then reportedly withdrew the offer, and now, it can only be claimed by contacting their Disability Answer Desk.

“Users upgrading their PC for the first time will need to enter a Windows 10 product key. Users who’ve previously installed Windows 10 on their PC should activate successfully with a digital entitlement when reinstalling Windows 10 on that PC,”– a Microsoft spokesperson said.

Microsoft’s Anniversary Update is also on the line with some freezes and crashes. It appears as if the Redmond is giving some time to the users to rethink about their new OS. After all, they had to make the official termination of the campaign on July 29 because they said so in the past. A gradual shutdown (unofficial) of the upgrade process would be better than just turning it off at once.

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Is Microsoft Afraid Of Android and iOS?

A different perspective of providing the free upgrade after its termination could be linked to the proliferating demand for Google’s Android. The PC market is shrinking and is being captured by Android-powered tablets and smartphones. Apple is also there with iOS-based iPads and iPhones but it also falls behind when Android’s user base comes into the picture. Microsoft can’t turn a blind eye to the existence of these foes. In fact, they haven’t, we can very well observe the efforts they’ve invested in the promotion of the Windows 10.

Let’s see until when Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade campaign remains in the headlines.

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