Free DJI App Will Let Anyone Track Nearby Drones


More and more people are getting their hands on drones, and so are the increasing cases of these drones ending up where they shouldn’t.

Now, amid the rising privacy and security concerns, the famous drone-maker DJI has come up with a possible solution. The company is working on a new app that will allow anyone to track a drone flying in their vicinity.

Using the app, people will be able to identify the registrations of airborne drones at a distance up to 1 KM using smartphones that support WiFi Aware.

According to Reuters, the drone-to-phone tracking app will be released for masses in 2020, after it gets approval from regulatory bodies. People tracking random drones is equally concerning after all.

While such remote identification technologies do exist in the market, they are paid and require equipment. DJI’s drone tracking app is part of a wider push aimed at preventing unauthorized use of drones.

Sometimes, due to drones flights get canceled, or they are spotted in sensitive military-controlled areas. So, countries ultimately put restrictions on the use of these unmanned flying objects.

DJI’s VP of policy and legal affairs, Brendan Schulman, said that “they’ve created a remote identification solution that works with what people already have.”

According to Schulman, instead of banning the drones to combat privacy concerns, we should “punish the operations that are actively harmful.”

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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