Fortnite Respawn Van Copies Apex Legends’ “Revival Feature”

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The latest Fortnite Version 8.30 update for Season 8 will bring the Fortnite Respawn Van into the game. The in-game vehicle will serve as a resurrection spot where dead players could be revived.

The van will be located in popular locations around the map. Surviving players will be able to revive their teammates using this feature.

How Does Fortnite Respawn Van Works?

Fortnite Respawn Van Reboot Card

After the upcoming v8.30 update, the eliminated players will drop a reboot card. This item can be carried by the player’s team members to the Respawn Van, where the dead players will be resurrected.

However, reviving your teammates is a double-edged sword. The in-game Fortnite Respawn Van will send a beam into the sky alerting nearby rival players.

The resurrection will not be instant and the surviving team member will have to fend off enemies until it’s done.

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Shadow of Apex Legends

Fortnite Respawn Van Apex Legends Copy

The Fortnite Respawn Van is a blatant copy of the revival mechanism in Apex Legends. Fortnite developer Epic Games has already been criticized for ripping off game mechanics from Apex Legends.

Nonetheless, Apex Legends is still one step further with unique characters, different specialties, and even a self-revive mechanic.

The self-revive feature in Apex Legends can be used with the help of Legendary Knockdown Shield. In addition to blocking 750 points of damage, the shield also has a self-revive option. However, players are left without any protection until the revival animation isn’t complete.

Apex Legends recently crossed the 10-million player mark with no plans of slowing down. On the other hand, things are not so good for Fortnite. Popular game streamer Ninja recently announced his retirement from the Battle Royal game indefinitely.

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