Original ‘Fortnite’ Discs Resurface For Up To $1000 On Amazon And Ebay

Fortnite physical disc

Fortnite has genuinely become the sensation of the town. The free-to-play Battle Royal mode has garnered more than 125 million users from all over the world.

But the ingrained excitement of players didn’t halt there; They went on looking out for some new, carefully following all activities of the Epic games developers. And amidst the speculation about Fortnite arriving on Android, they even got fooled for fake APK’s to get any last licks of the famous game.

But as they say “Passion is the oxygen of the soul.” This time, Xbox and PS4 fans of Fortnite went one step ahead. As reported by Ars Technica, the physical copies of an early version of the game are being re-sold for up to $1000 against the original price of mere $60.

Even before when free-to-play Battle Royal mode came into to action, Gearbox software first published a $60 “Save the World” mode for PS4 and Xbox users focusing on player vs. environment, in late July.

The retail discs which were discontinued by Fortnite publishers, focusing entirely on the digital edition of the game have now gained a status of collector’s items.

The eBay and Amazon search results show a listing of these retail console copies of Fortnite selling for an average of about $200 over the past two weeks.

A copy, still wrapped in original plastic, comes with a whopping $999 price tag ($3.99 shipping charges extra). Used copies from Amazon’s third-party sellers are currently going for a minimum of $175 for a bare disc without the case.

If you don’t require a hard-held copy of the Fortnite, you can still get same content and also some exclusive DLC in a “Standard Founder’s Pack” for $40.

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