Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: “Only Android Apps Can Save Windows Phone”


steve-ballmer-android-microsoftShort Bytes: Expressing dissatisfaction with the way things are going at Microsoft headquarters, Steve Ballmer has said that only Android apps can save Windows Phone. Calling the current way of reporting its cloud business “bullshit”, he stressed at the need of revenue reporting. Read more to know everything he had to say.

While Microsoft is gearing up for the final Windows 10 Mobile release, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer isn’t happy about the things are moving ahead.

Talking to Bloomberg, Ballmer said that Satya Nadella’s new strategy for Windows 10 Mobile won’t work unless Windows Phone starts supporting Android apps. On the other hand, Windows 10 is betting on the Universal apps that are are designed to work on all Windows 10 devices, regardless their form factor.

During the annual shareholder meeting, Ballmer criticized Satya Nadella’s strategy of going ahead with Universal Apps that has resulted in the lack of key apps like Starbucks. “That won’t work,” Ballmer said as Nadella spoke. About the need of Android apps, he said, “the company needs to enable Windows Phones to run Android apps”.

At the meeting, Steve also seemed less than happy with company’s financial reporting regarding its cloud business and called it “bullshit”. He stressed on the fact that “revenue” is a key metric and Microsoft should “report the revenue, not the run rate.”

Earlier, Microsoft announced Project Astoria that aimed to port Android apps on Windows phones. However, for the time being, Project Astoria has been put on hold.

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