Forget Batman’s Batcycle, These Maglev Tyres Will Blow Your Mind


Eagle-360 Maglev Tyres

Short Bytes: At the Geneva International Motor Show, the tyre making company Goodyear has announced its ball-like Eagle-360 concept tyres. Magnetic levitation will be used to suspend the body of the car above the tyres. Read further to know more about these sci-fi wheels.

The new-age floating trains – like the Shanghai Maglev – use Magnetic Levitation to suspend themselves in the air and then breeze through the city. Many of us are not familiar with the term Magnetic Levitation yet, and practically, it doesn’t matter much for the common population. They only have to benefit themselves with the services created using such technologies.

A new development is in the works which will make all the Batman fans jump off their couch. Goodyear – the tyre making company – has announced it is working on new concept spherical tyres capable of moving in any possible direction, not upwards, though. You can actually move sideways while overtaking a slow car that is irritating you on the highway or help yourself in a fully packed parking lot.

Those who are big fans of the Dark Knight might have fantasised about the Batcycle. The car  from the future speeds through the streets and can even shift sideways, as Batman did while he was indulged in a cop pursuit. Maybe in the coming years, you might have a personal BatMobile in your garage.

Known as Eagle-360, the design for these ball-shaped tyres could be customised as per the driving conditions. Each tyre will have its own brain allowing it to communicate with other tyres for a plain sailing ride to the people sitting inside. Accidents could be avoided as there will be a constant chit-chat between your car and the tyres – which will monitor the road and weather conditions using a bunch of sensors – allowing the car to adjust the breaks and suspension system accordingly. The tyres will be able to share their personal experiences with other cars in the vicinity to make sure that they don’t end up in a pothole.

The Eagle-360 have nature inspired biomimicry-based design which softens when comes in contact with liquid like water “to create deeper grooves for aquaplaning resistance”. The water then gets removed by the centrifugal force due to the rolling tyres and they become hard again.

Earlier, I talked about Magnetic Levitation. How will it be implemented for the tyres? You might be thinking that a car fitted with these spherical tyres would float on the road which would act as an electromagnet. The real situation proposed by Goodyear is quite hair-raising. The car will actually float above the 3D-printed tyres which will be having contact with the road. Just imagine? We’ll have four tyres rolling below a floating car. All unconnected.

This hard to swallow tyre concept – if it ever achieves reality – could be a significant convenience over the conventional axel-based tyre model. A major implementation can be done by fitting these ball tyres into self-driving cars which are currently regarded as the future of cars as they are considered safer and they are killing the speeding tickets. Although, the recent Google self-driving car crash depicts an opposite scenario. Still, they have a long road to go. The combination of these technologies would be a win-win for the future of autonomous cars.

Check out this video explaining the concept behind the Eagle-360:

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