Foreign Hackers Tried Hacking Trump, Biden’s Election Campaign


Hackers are trying their best to meddle with the upcoming US elections. According to a report by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), foreign hackers are trying to target campaign staffers of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Posting on Twitter, TAG’s Shane Huntley said attackers from a Chinese Anti Threat Persistent (APT) group targeted Biden’s campaign, whereas an APT group from Iran targeted Trump’s campaign staffers.

The attacks were conducted by deploying phishing techniques. Thankfully, crooks have not been successful in compromising any data.

In the report, Huntley said APT 31, aka Zirconium, attacked Biden’s staffers. Zirconium is often linked to the Chinese government, but not much information is available about the tactics of this APT group.

Trump, on the other hand, was attacked by APT 35, also known as Charming Kitten, which is a popular ATP group from Iran that has targeted the general public with phishing attacks for stealing email information.

Google didn’t divulge more information on attacks like the time, date, or targeted persons in the phishing campaign by foreign hackers.

Since the attack, Google has issued a government attack warning to those who were targeted by the attackers. Law enforcement agencies have also been involved in the matter.

US elections could become a hotbed for cybercriminals, and therefore, security researchers are keeping a close eye on developments.

It is also the responsibility of election campaign staffers to adopt additional safety measures like using two-factor authentication or Advanced Protection to evade any attack.

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol is a tech journalist who handles reportage of cybersecurity and Apple and OnePlus devices at Fossbytes. He's an ambivert who is striving hard to appease existential crisis by eating, writing, and scrolling through memes.
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