Flipkart Rolls Out Voice Assistant For Its ‘Supermart App’ For Android


Flipkart has rolled out a new voice assistant for its grocery shopping sub-section, Supermart, in India. The voice assistant will be available in both languages including English and Hindi.

Flipkart said that the development team for the voice assistant gathered samples from all over India to understand the pronunciations and differences in dialects.

The Voice Assistant feature will be rolled out for the Android app of Flipkart by today. There is no word about the roll-out of the feature for the iOS version.

Voice Assistant Benefits

With the New Flipkart voice assistant feature, people will find it easy to search for products and know about product details.

The developers have assured that the voice assistant is more of a conversational program. This will make the people think they are indulged in a conversation with a salesman instead of talking to a bot.

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Jayendran Venugopal, said that the voice assistant feature is the next big step towards customer convenience. He concluded by saying that voice capability to solve e-commerce and shopping problems is a big achievement.


As of now, the biggest limitation with Flipkart’s voice assistant is that it is available in only two languages and India is a country that has many languages.

Also, the feature is in its initial stage due to which it is still not available for the iOS version of Flipkart. So, the addition of new languages can be expected after a span of time.

Last month, Flipkart’s arch-rival Amazon also launched a voice assistant for shopping via Alexa. Amazon’s voice assistant was only available in English.

As per the Google stats in 2019, voice searches hiked by a massive 270%. This is the right time for companies to launch more and more voice-based facilities.

Flipkart has an advantage over Amazon’s voice assistant as it is available in Hindi also. As per the speculations, the voice assistant feature will be soon introduced for the iOS version along with new languages.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

Nishit Raghuwanshi

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