Over 36,000 Flash Games Will Be Playable After Adobe Flash Death

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It is likely game over for the millions of flash games when Adobe will stop supporting and distributing Flash by the end of 2020.

Along with Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Apple have already laid out plans for retiring Adobe flash from their respective browsers.

However, Flashpoint is trying to save as much as flash games from going into the permanent abyss. The project has stored over 36,000 flash games that users can download for free. You can also suggest them to add more if you are not satisfied with their game catalog.

What is Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a launcher that uses open-source tech, enabling users to play thousands of flash games and animation.

Behind the hood, the project is a combination of a web server, a redirector, and a launcher. These three programs work in conjunction to “pretend to be the internet” since nearly all the flash games need a proper server to run.

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Once you download the project, it’s pretty much click-and-play. You can either download games as you play them or download their entire game catalog of 288GB.

According to Flashpoint, the developers will pull out the games if there are any copyright claims. However, there hasn’t been any case so far.

It seems like even the game developers are concerned about the preservation of flash games.

We always believe that the emulation of dying games is important for the preservation of gaming history so that tomorrow’s young generation can play and experience it.

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