5 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time



Do you know the difference between a “hacker” and a “cyber criminal”? Many of us often use these two terms without knowing the real meaning.

Here I am going to share a video of one of the most dangerous hackers of all time. These hackers are infamous for their hacking skills and expertise.

If you are interested in hacking and security, this is a must watch video for you.


As I’ve earlier mentioned that hackers aren’t the bad people, they are the problem solvers, vulnerability scanners, and bug hunters. Hackers contribute to the society and use their knowledge for its betterment.

On the other hand, cyber-criminals are the one who break into the systems to benefit themselves and harm others. Recently, China admitted that it is having an army of hackers (read cyber criminals) that harm the other nations from time to time.

I hope that you enjoyed the above video of 5 most dangerous hackers of all time.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

Fossbytes co-founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on open source, tech giants, and security. Get in touch with him by sending an email — [email protected]
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