First Amazon Clothing Store Opens With A Ton Of Tech

Now you can check the quality before buying it.

First Amazon Clothing Store Opens With A Ton Of Tech
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Amazon has opened its first-ever physical clothing store named Amazon Style. This will be another addition to the physical shopping location ideas envisioned by the company. Amazon already has two more physical store brands; namely Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh.

Amazon Go is an instant check-out store for essential items and Amazon Fresh is for groceries. It is trying to carve some space in the fashion industry as well with the Amazon Style stores.

How will the Amazon Style store work?

Unlike any other fashion outlet, Amazon Style is infused with technology. It is noticeable that Amazon isn’t trying to be just another clothing store. Instead, it wants to ease the process of shopping for clothes and accessories.

Amazon has a step-by-step process to make clothing purchases simpler. After entering the store, first, you will handpick your favorite items and scan their QR codes. After you pick your sizes, you can then send them to the fitting room which Amazon will prepare for you.

Once your turn arrives, you can go to the fitting room and try out all the selected items. You can rate these outfits and even request additional items while trying.

If you are confident that size will fit you well, you can shop on Amazon and send it straight to the store. Then you can go pick up your order there and can even request a change or return it. Lastly, Amazon Pay will handle all the payments part at the checkout.

Big Hopes

Amazon Style hopes that this will revolutionize the way people shop on Amazon. It looks like an exorbitant effort to build a physical location when people can already shop online. Amazon has roped in many big clothing brands like Dolce Vita, Levi’s, Vince, CK, and many more. You won’t feel the dearth of designer items while shopping at the physical store.

Keep in mind that the Amazon Style store is located at 891 Americana Way Space #D-1, Glendale, CA 91210, United States. It isn’t open 24/7 and has store timings. However, it is open seven days a week.

Would you shop at a physical Amazon Store? Or do you prefer the convenience of online apparel shopping? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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