The First OLED iPads Could Use Hybrid OLED: Why It Matters?

It will take some time to launch!

10th gen iPad representative image
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Apple currently uses flexible OLED panels on iPhones. It offers an exceptional viewing experience but also has its limitations. A report from The Elec reveals that Apple is working on the first-ever iPad with an OLED display. But rather than using the flexible OLED displays from the iPhone, Apple may transition towards hybrid OLEDs.

You must be curious about the difference between a normal OLED display and a flexible one. The difference lies in their making and the ability to conform to various shapes without breaking.

Why will the iPad use a hybrid OLED panel?

Flexible OLEDs are great for small displays. But, as the displays get larger, there is an ample amount of visible crumpling on the display. Obviously, no user would want a part of their screen looking crumpled. So, Apple is reportedly leaning towards hybrid OLEDs which are a combination of both OLED and flexible OLED panel materials.

Apple Will Launch A New M2 iPad Pro This Year
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The Elec highlighted that this technology was a mere conceptualization at this point. It would take at least a year to materialize and more time to create a working display out of it. However, hybrid OLEDs would help Apple trim the space taken by the display.

Hybrid panels are merely 0.2 mm thick and are fairly economical to produce. It would help Apple save some money on parts (while it still might overcharge like it always does). The current generation iPad certainly doesn’t have a bad display.

But the OLED could give it a whole new level of visual fidelity. Since iPads are becoming an important gadget for office and content creation, a better display would only end up benefitting the users.

Meanwhile, iPhone 14 launch event is right around the corner. The event will unveil four new iPhone 14 models with Mini no longer joining the lineup. It will have a new powerful camera array and most likely a pill-shaped notch.

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