Scientists Confirm First Case Of Covid-19 Reinfection In Hong Kong


Scientists have confirmed the first case of Coronavirus reinfection in Hong Kong. A healthy 33-year older man caught Coronavirus again after testing negative for Covid-19 twice in April.

The man was tested positive for Coronavirus on March 26 after experiencing fever, cough, sore throat, and headaches. He was hospitalized on March 29 and kept under observation until he was discharged on April 14 after testing negative for the virus in two tests taken 24 hours apart.

This time, he tested positive for Covid-19 at Hong Kong Airport when he returned from Spain via the UK. He showed no symptoms of the infection this time. Despite being asymptomatic, he was hospitalized and showed mild infections. After researching the genetic sequence of the virus, scientists found that he was infected with two different strains. There were 24 genetic differences between the strains he was infected with.

Hong Kong researchers have recorded the first case of Coronavirus reinfection in a scientific study that can be accessed from this PDF file.

This case indicates that we are still unaware of the antibodies required to prevent Coronavirus’s reinfection. According to some studies, the antibodies generated to recover from Covid-19 can wane after two to three months of infection. Some researchers have said that Covid-19 antibodies weaken faster than other antibodies in the human body.

Prior to this case, there have been reports from all over the world of possible reinfections, but this is the first recorded and scientifically acknowledged case. It is recommended that those who have recovered from Covid-19 should also follow social distancing measures and wear masks before going out in possible to prevent reinfection.

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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