Firefox’s New Feature Is A Boon For Working On Multiple Tabs Simultaneously


If you are someone who opens multiple tabs while working and then scrolls through different open tabs for searching a particular tab, then Mozilla has made things easier for you.

Mozilla will add a new feature in Firefox 66 (Via: BleepingComputer) that will allow you to find a particular tab from multiple open tabs by simply searching the text contained in that tab’s title. The feature is available in Firefox 64, the current version of the Firefox browser, but works as a search shortcut and not a full-fledged feature.

If you want to search a tab from the host of open tabs, type % followed by a space and the text featured in that particular tab’s title.

For example, here if you want to search the opened Reddit tab then you will type “% red,” and all the tabs with “red” in the title will be displayed for you to choose. The feature will also search through the tabs opened in a different window.

firefox search tab feature
Images: BleepingComputer

Mozilla wants to make this feature easier for users. Starting with Firefox 66, a “Search tab” option will appear in the list of all open tabs menu. It will appear only when you have multiple tabs opened in the browser.

You can search for any open tab by simply clicking on the option and typing in the keyword in the tab’s title in the address bar. The option will eliminate the step of typing in the percentage symbol.

When you click on the “Search Tab” option, the percentage symbol will be automatically entered, and you just have to input the search keyword.

The option will make the feature easily accessible so that more users can benefit from it.

What do you think about the feature? Tell us in the comments and keep reading at Fossbytes.

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