A Glitch Is Disabling All Firefox Extensions, But A Workaround May Help


A technical error has affected Mozilla Firefox’s extensions as all the extensions or add-ons have been disabled on the browser.

Users trying to use the extensions are receiving a pop-up message which reads, “Could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled.”

It is suggested that users are unable to access the extensions on Firefox (such as Dark Mode, LastPass, Ghostery, and many more) due to the expiration of the code signing certificate of the extensions.

News of an error affecting the Firefox extensions came up after the issue was reported to the Bugzilla bug tracker. Following this, Mozilla, via a tweet, admitted that it is aware of the problem and is working on it to fix it.

In addition to this, users are also unable to re-install the desired extensions are the ones trying to do so are receiving another error message stating that the “download has failed, check your internet connection.”

While Mozilla is on it to fix the issue, a user seems to have figured out a way by which the extensions can be enabled. If you wish to try the process, you can follow the steps below to go about:

How To Enable Disabled Extensions Again On Firefox

  • First, you are required to head to the about:debugging in Firefox build.
  • Select the option to allow Firefox to debug the extensions on it.
  • Following this, select the ‘load temporary add-ons’ option.
  • Go through your profile on Firefox appdata and click on .xpi files where your disabled extensions are kept.
  • Once you have found the extensions, you can install them manually.

Keep in mind that the extensions will stop working if you restart or shut down Firefox.

Let us know in the comments section if the above-mentioned method worked for you.

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