Firefox 90 Brings SmartBlock 2.0 Using Facebook As Punching Bag

You can now login using Facebook sign-in without being tracked.


Mozilla has introduced SmartBlock 2.0 with the Firefox 90 update. This improved version of SmartBlock will let you log into a website using single sign-on services, but prevent the same from tracking you.

So far, if you were using Private mode on Firefox, you wouldn’t be able to log into websites like Etsy or Canva using Facebook login. It is so because Firefox blocked Facebook’s scripts as trackers, blocking your login access with it. However, the new Mozilla SmartBlock 2.0 lets you login on apps using your Facebook account, and still block cross-website tracking.

Mozilla SmartBlock 2.0 And Facebook

In the blog post introducing the feature, Mozilla took the example of Facebook. It is so because the social media site is infamous for cross-website tracking. So much so that Facebook entered a fight with Apple about the latter’s App Tracking Transparency feature.

Aside from the tracking part, you can conveniently sign up on all major apps and games using your Facebook account. So not being able to do that on Mozilla was definitely a limitation. Addressing that, SmartBlock 2.0 on Firefox 90 will let you log in with your Facebook account, but stop Facebook from tracking you.

Mozilla says SmartBlock 2.0 does this by quickly unblocking the Facebook login scripts when you click on the “Continue with Facebook” button. This just gives Facebook’s scripts enough room to log you in and then they’re blocked again.

The latest features in browsers are competing to give more privacy and control to the users. While Safari has blocked cookies altogether, Google Chrome is also working on the controversial Google FLoC to replace cookies. As people become more aware of privacy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for sites like Facebook to track them.

It remains to be seen how the company catches up with upcoming data laws and new privacy features across devices.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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