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baby-namesOur name is an integral part of our existence and this is our basic identity. But the way people name their children and the popularity of different names have changed over the time.

A funny little widget at tells me that if I would’ve been named Evans if I was born in 1970s and Rudolf in 1980s. And if I was born today, I would be named Brennen and I kind of like it. :D

Let me tell you how to know your name if you were born today and then I’ll explain the secret later.

Firstly head to this link on to find the name-telling post. In the post, you’ll find a dialog box to enter few details like your name, the year of your birth and your gender. Now hit the “Get my today name” button.


This little widget works like a charm and you are displayed this good-looking graphics telling you your names from different years.


How this today-name finding widget works?

Recently US Social Security Administration has provided name trends. Whatever names were found at same ranks in the popularity lists over the different decades, they are displayed to you.

This tool searches and displays the names of the same gender as you’ve entered before. Some names that were associated with a particular sex before some years are now associated to the opposite sex. This is the reason why I ended up with “Lillie” in 1910s.

Try this tool here and share your today names below in the comments.

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