Finally! Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting The Attention It Deserves

What do you think of Cyberpunk 2077's comeback?

Finally! Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting The Attention It Deserves
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We all have seen games failing to gather a playerbase, even after creating much hype before its launch. One such case is Cyberpunk 2077. The game was creating massive hype as it was nearing its release. However, things did not go so well for CD Projekt Red, and Cyberpunk 2077 failed to captivate its player.

However, the game did not deserve to go down in such a manner, and CD Projekt Red was well aware of its games’ potential. So, what went wrong with Cyberpunk 2077? Well, for starters, the game was filled with bugs when it launched, which was offputting for many out there. However, the bugs and glitches were slowly removed from the game as the developers began to release patches over the course of months.

Another reason why the players were furious about Cyberpunk 2077 not turning out to be what they wanted was partially due to the time taken by developers to build the game. The first teaser for the game was released ways back in 2013, and the game itself took around 9 years to be completed. Furthermore, the game still turns out to be full of bugs, some bugs were game-breaking on consoles.

On a different note, some even went as far out to compare Cyberpunk 2077 to GTA 5. Which, firstly, the developers never compared, and secondly, CD Projekt Red is an independent studio with limited resources. Whereas Rockstar Games is a massive game developer with nearly unlimited resources to produce the best open-world games you’ll see. It doesn’t feel like the two should be compared now, does it?

Meanwhile, as Cyberpunk 2077 was deemed a flop game, what has changed since its release, particularly so that the game has made one of the greatest comebacks in video game history?

Cyberpunk 2077: the greatest comeback in video game history?

In terms of changes, the bugs and glitches that plagued Cyberpunk 2077 at its launch are all gone. Meaning players can peacefully enjoy the Night City in the way the developers wanted players to. While we’re talking about Night City, for those of you who haven’t played the game, Night City is one of the most beautiful and well-crafted futuristic-looking setting in a video game ever.

As the developers removed the game’s bugs, it made things clear about this sci-fi RPG from CD Projekt Red. That Cyberpunk 2077 features a neatly crafted and well-narrated storyline which fits rather perfectly with the futuristic setting that Cyberpunk is set in.

As for the comeback, Cyberpunk 2077 is seeing so many players in terms of numbers that the game has become one of the most played games on Steam. According to SteamDB, Cyberpunk 2077 has garnered a massive 89,395 concurrent players to its playerbase. What’s shocking is that this number was around 18% of the current concurrent playerbase last month. With such a massive jump in its playerbase, Cyberpunk 2077 probably has the greatest comebacks in video game history. While the number of players has spiked up, its no doubt that the game’s streaming charts will also be going up.

But wait! What made Cyberpunk 2077 gather so many players almost 2 years after its release? Well, one reason can be attributed to the release of the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which seems to have pushed many to try the game. And not just the anime, the Edgerunners update that coincided with Netflix’s stunning anime series is also released this month.

If that’s not enough, along with the game being recovered from the bugs, Cyberpunk 2077 is also getting a DLC next year. In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the game would be getting an expansion update – Phantom Liberty. Meanwhile, with the expansion, one beloved character will also be coming back; yes, you guessed it right, Keanu Reeves will be back as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk’s 2023’s expansion.

Lastly, this week’s NVIDIA announcements regarding the new GeForce RTX 4000 series have also featured Cyberpunk 2077. The game will be getting a bunch of updates. With Overdrive mode, the lighting of the game will be jazzed up, making Night City more lively than before. In addition, the game will also be getting DLSS 3.0 support, which will make the game more responsive by using AI to generate more frame rates.

Ultimately, it definitely seems like Cyberpunk 2077 is getting the playerbase it deserved. Moreover, with the significant rise in players, the game has surely achieved what no other game could in video game history. Would you be getting your hands on Cyberpunk 2077?

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