Feeling Angry? Come and Break All The Gadgets in This “Rage Room”


rage-room-polandShort Bytes: A Polish entrepreneur Zdzisław Hoffmann has created a Rage Room where people can break anything to release stress. Just come here, pay 35 euros and you are given a weapon of your choice to break anything in the room for the next 30 minutes.

Rage room – admit it, you need this in your life more than anything. The ever increasing pressure of work, and its imbalance with your personal life, demands a secret place where you can vent all the anger.

Along the similar lines, in the Lodz town of Poland, a new “Rage Room” has opened, where you can pay to break household gadgets and items like computer monitors, TV sets, glass cups and more.

All you have to do is pay 35 euros- and you can spend half an hour in the rage room with your choice of weapon. What do you like- Baseball bat? Crow bar? – worry not, they’ve got it all covered.

All the items that you’ll be breaking here are obtained from the free online recycling websites. Entrepreneur Zdzisław Hoffmann is the owner of this rage room. “It is perfect for everyone. I would say it is better for calm people who just want to come here, get wild and destroy something, what is usually forbidden,” he says.

Hoffmann tells that he came across this business idea by accident and he was always fascinated how people can throw their TV out of the window from 11th floor after a lost soccer match.

Inside the room, customers need to wear a helmet and they are all set to smash TV sets, mirrors, glass and whatnot.

Feeling angry? Take a flight to Poland right away.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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