Fedora 27 Linux Distro Released With New Features — Download Installation Media Here

After a few delays, Fedora 27 final release has just been shipped by The Fedora Project. Supported by Red Hat, this community-driven, open source, Linux distro’s latest release brings numerous improvements from Fedora Community and other software projects.

In this article, I’ll be listing the major changes in Fedora 27 Workstation spin. For other spins, visit Fedora Project website. It’s also worth mentioning that Fedora Server is in the process of modular rearchitecting, so its release is delayed.

Noteworthy Fedora 27 features

Without a doubt, the most prominent feature of this cutting-edge release is the latest GNOME desktop. Shipping with GNOME 3.26, this release ships with a revamped Settings control panel.

3.26 also brings Enhanced Search that returns the system actions in an improved layout. Other changes are better app thumbnails, color emoji in Characters app, etc. Read more about GNOME 3.26 and associated changes here.

gnome 3.26 in fedora 27

GNOME Builder‘s latest release ships with improvements like debugger, better design, word completion, and symbol search. Inline documentation has also been improved.

Pipewire is a new subsystem for improving audio/video handling. Designed to be a new core foundation of audio/visual in Linux, in Fedora 27, PipeWire provides screen capture and screen recording.

In Fedora 27, with the help of GNOME Boxes application, you’ll be able to install a no-cost developer subscription of RHEL, which is being offered by Red Hat for quite some time, for a guest box.

fedora 27 libreofffice terminal

LibreOffice 5.4 is the full-featured suite that brings the latest and improved office apps to this release.

This release ships with Linux kernel 4.13, Mesa 17.2, GCC 7.2, glibc 2.26, RPM 4.14, and other updated packages.

Download Fedora 27

To install Fedora 27 Workstation on a PC, you need at least 1 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, and 10 GB storage space.

Visit this page to find the download links of Fedora 27 Linux distro.

Did you find the changes shipping with this release interesting? Do give it a try and share your views.

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