“Cutting Edge” Fedora 27 Beta And “Rock Solid” FreeBSD 10.4 Released


Fedora 27 Beta

After a few hiccups and delays, the Fedora Project has finally shipped the beta release for Fedora 27 Linux distro. This is a major milestone before the final version ships later this year in November.

A major change that comes with Fedora 27 Beta Workstation is a shift to the latest GNOME 3.26 desktop. Other packages have been upgraded to their latest versions, including LibreOffice 5.4 that brings new features to Writer and Calc.

The latest version of Fedora Media Writer lets one create bootable SD cards with Fedora for ARM devices like R-Pi. It also lets you know if a new Fedora release is available.

Fedora Atomic now defaults to a simple container storage setup and offers containerized Kubernetes, etc. Cockpit has been updated as well.

Talking about Fedora Spins and Labs, KDE version ships with QT 5.9.1, Xfce spin runs Xfce 4.12, etc. Design Suite and Security Lab too include new versions of major packages.

Note: Please note that this release is missing i686 (32-bit Intel architecture) images. It’s not that Fedora is ultimately dropping the 32-bit support; it’s due to some bug in image checksum creation that’ll get fixed in final release.

Even though Fedora 27 Beta is a code-complete release, I’d advise you to test the release on a secondary computer or virtual machine. Get Fedora 27 Beta here and know more details.

FreeBSD 10.4

Moving on to the second major release of this week, the FreeBSD Release Engineering Team has announced the general availability of FreeBSD 10.4. It is the fifth release of the stable/10 branch. It follows the stable and reliable FreeBSD 10.3.

One of the biggest change that users would notice is that 10.4 is the first FreeBSD release to ship with full eMMC storage support. It also ships with improved Intel Skylake support, updated driver, etc.

FreeBSD 10.4 arrives with OpenSSH 7.3p1, GNOME 3.18, Xorg-Server 1.18.4, etc.

Find more information about this release and download links here on this page.

Did you find these latest open source operating system releases exciting? Don’t forget to share your views and feedback.

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