Fedora 26 Beta Released With GNOME 3.24 And New Features, Download Here

fedora 26 beta

Short Bytes: The Fedora Project has finally released Fedora 26 Beta. This release features the GNOME 3.24 desktop environment, Go 1.8, and latest LibreOffice. Apart from the regular Fedora Desktop and Server editions, you can also download Atomic Host, Spins, Labs, and ARM version. The final Fedora 26 release is expected to ship in July.

Fossbytes is pleased to inform the Linux and open source enthusiasts that Fedora 26 Beta 1 is finally here after multiple delays. The Fedora Project has called this immediate availability the big step before the final release of Fedora 26 in the month of July. This release comes two months after we reported the release of Fedora 26 Alpha.

This release replaces Fedora Cloud Base with Fedora Atomic Host. It’s being pushed as a Fedora Edition for the container use. You can still download it for building your own cloud environment. Apart from that, usual Fedora 26 Workstation and Fedora 26 Beta Server are available for download.

Before going ahead and reading about new Fedora 26 features, don’t forget to check out our helpful lists of Linux distributions:

Fedora 26 Beta features and changes

Fedora Linux distribution is known to ship with cutting edge features that often become an inspiration for other Linux distros. Fedora continues to do so with this release. It ships with the latest GCC 7, along with latest language features. Go 1.8 is also bundled to bring speed improvements.

Fedora 26 Desktop features GNOME 3.24 which includes an important feature in the form of Night Light. It reduces blue light based on the time of day to ensure a better sleep. Added to that, you also get the latest LibreOffice to fulfill your document editing requirements.

Talking about the new Fedora 26 Atomic Host edition, it ships with more options to run containers.

Fedora 26 Beta download

Fedora 26 Beta is a code-complete release which is very much stable. The final release of Fedora 26 is expected to arrive in July.

Before that, you can go ahead and download the Fedora 26 Beta and give it a try on your secondary PC or virtual machine.

So, are you excited about the upcoming Fedora 26 release and its new features? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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