CentOS 7 1611 Released, Supports 7th Gen Intel CPUs

CentOS 7

Short Bytes: CentOS 7 1611 update has been released by the CentOS Project. This Linux distribution release now supports 7th generations Intel Core processors, Bluetooth LE, etc. It comes with updated drivers for network, graphics, and storage.

The CentOS Project has released the fourth major update for its RHEL-based server Linux distribution known as CentOS 7. The development of CentOS proceeds in line with RHEL. Hence, CentOS 7 1611 relies on RHEL 7.3 for its basic building blocks.

According to CentOS project lead Karanbir Singh, CentOS 7 1611 is a recommended upgrade for all the CentOS users as it supersedes all the previous version of the popular Linux distro for server machines.

What’s new in CentOS 7 1611?

The latest CentOS release now supports a number of new processors, including those from the 7th generation Intel Core processor series (dubbed as Kaby Lake) and I2C on 6th generation Core processors.

Another visible addition is the presence of the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool in CentOS 7 1611, so that any bug information can be directly pushed to bugs.centos.org, thereby, easing the software reporting problems for end users.

The update comes with numerous rebased packages including systemd, libreoffice, gfs-utils, samba, squid, gcc-libraries, binutils, SELinux, GIMP, tomcat, etc. Support for new file systems and technologies comes in the form of the technology preview, including Btrfs, OverlayFS, DNSSEC, CephFS, kpatch, the Cisco VIC and usNIC kernel driver, nested virtualization with KVM and multi-threaded xz compression with rpm builds.

Along with Bluetooth LE support, CentOS 7 1611 updates various network, storage, and graphics drivers. Also, the package gnome-terminal-nautilus replaces nautilus-open-terminal.

Download CentOS 7 1611

You can download CentOS 7 1611 from mirror sites and torrents using this link. After downloading the ISO, you can check for error using sha256sum.

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