FBI Forces Child Abuse Suspect To Unlock iPhone Using His FaceID


According to a report by Forbes, the FBI recently forced an iPhone X owner to unlock the phone using his face. This is the first known case in which feds used the FaceID feature to get access to some suspect’s smartphone.

Last year when Apple launched iPhone X with FaceID feature, legal questions were raised: Will law enforcement agencies force the suspects to unlock their phone by looking at it? Well, it looks like we finally have an answer.

The person in question is 28-year-old Grant Michalski, a resident of Ohio, who has been charged with receiving and keeping child pornographic material.

With the help of a search warrant, the investigators were able to search Michalski’s computer for evidence. During the process, they ended up finding iPhone X.

When the investigator asked Michalski to put his face in front of the iPhone, he did so. As a result, the FBI was able to access the calls, online chats, pictures, and other data on the device.

Later, the FBI got another warrant to get the passcode for a thorough search. Again, Michalski complied and provided the code.

What are your views regarding this ongoing tussle between law enforcement and tech companies? Tell us what you think and keep reading Fossbytes.

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