Fappening 2017: Danielle Lloyd’s Private Pictures Leaked Online After iCloud Hack

British model Danielle Lloyd’s private pictures have leaked online on an X-rated website. As a result, Danielle, 33, had contacted police and reported the incident.

(Update: Fappening 3.0: Private Pictures Of Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods Leaked)

For those who don’t know, Fappening is the name given to the leaks of private pictures of female celebrities. The original Fappening took place in 2014 when celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus became the victim of the iCloud hack. A similar series of leaks are also being reported in 2017, and it’s being called Fappening 2017 or Fappening 2.0.

Back to the latest development. As reported by The Sun, Danielle told the police that the eight leaked images, out of which six are NSFW, are from her private phone and for personal use only.

“Police are investigating how these images were taken from her private and personal iCloud – seemingly from a Jihad website who Danielle has been a victim of and terrorized by for some time,” according to Danielle’s spokesperson.

Currently, the law enforcement is taking necessary steps to prosecute those who are sharing the images online.

Notably, Danielle Lloyd is pregnant and expecting her first child with fiance Michael O’Neill. She was crowned Miss England in July 2004 and Miss Great Britain in 2006.

The actual forces behind this leak (and other Fappening 2017 leaks) are unknown at the moment.

Fappening 2.0 Coverage: 2017 Hacks

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