Fappening 2.0: Private Pictures/Videos Of More Celebrities Leaked Online | Here’s How To Stay Safe


Short Bytes: The list of targeted celebrities in the “Fappening 2.0” naked pictures and videos leaks is growing. The recent additions to this list are celebrities like WWE star Paige, actress Dylan Penn, and Arrow star Katie Cassidy. Just like the initial leaks, this dump surfaced on 4chan and soon spread to Reddit. As dangers like Fappening are bound to get scarier in future, people can ensure their security by taking some simple precautions.
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When the private pictures of female celebrities like Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and Kylie Jenner were leaked on websites like 4chan and Reddit, the notorious hackers also claimed that it’s just the “start of the Fappening 2.0.” With the recent addition of some new names, it looks like the list of the targeted celebrities is growing.

According to various media reports, the new additions to the list are more named like WWE star Paige (whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis), actress Dylan Penn, and Arrow star Katie Cassidy.

The other celebs who had become a target are Rose McGowan, Rhona Mitra, Analeigh Tipton, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Lili Simmons, Iliza Shlesinger, and April Love Geary.

This addition to the existing leak also includes videos of some celebrities involved in sexual acts. The source of this leak remains unknown, but it won’t be wrong to speculate that the stolen data could be from the devices or cloud accounts.

After the initial leaks, the attorneys of Watson and Seyfriend issued threats for their pictures to be removed from the online forums and websites.

How to avoid incidents like Fappening?

In the wake of recent leaks, it’s important to highlight the increasing security threats. Here, at Fossbytes, we keep sharing the important security tips with you from time-to-time.
vpn-lifetime-banner-adIn the case of hacks like Fappening and Fappening 2.0, Apple and Google have limited control over their services. This automatically makes the user more responsible. Here are some bullet points that you should take to protect your accounts from hackers:

  • If you use cloud, turn off auto-upload.
  • If you upload your files somewhere, encrypt them.
  • Enable two-step verification authentication.
  • Be careful of emails/messages that ask for your password, credit card number, or other personal information. It’s called phishing.
  • Use strong passwords, change them from time-to-time
  • Don’t use a single password for accessing all services
  • If you’ve to click some private picture (it’s safer to avoid it), turn on the Airplane mode and transfer it to someplace safe. Don’t forget to erase it completely from your device before going online.
  • Read more about security and hacking attacks. Stay updated with latest developments.

Did you find these security tips to avoid leaks like Fappening helpful? Don’t forget to share your views.

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