Fake ChatGPT Apps Are Scamming Users With A Subscription

Don't get scammed.


ChatGPT has become one of the most popular topics on the internet since its launch. Of course, many rogue agents have capitalized on its popularity for their gain. Due to this, multiple fake ChatGPT apps have popped up on both the App Store and PlayStore.

None of these apps are associated with ChatGPT and even charge the users after a certain amount of time. One such fake ChatGPT app has even made its way into the top “free” apps of the productivity section of the App Store. The app “ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3” even outranked Google Docs as the fifth most popular download.

Fake ChatGPT Subscription Apps

Although the app is free to download, it begins to charge a $7.99 weekly subscription fee after three days. There’s also a $49.99 monthly fee, higher than subscribing for four consecutive weeks. In reality, the real machine-learning-fueled ChatGPT is completely free to use.


The fake app is just an interface that takes a user’s prompt to a bot that returns a generated text back. However, results on this app can vary a lot and can even be totally irrelevant sometimes. Google has removed the app from the Play Store after it surpassed 100,000 downloads.

Despite this, there are still many fake ChatGPT apps prevalent in both app stores. It is not the first time that people have taken advantage of ChatGPT, as there have been numerous reports of hackers using AI to write malware.

OpenAI is currently working on a ChatGPT-powered iOS app and has even given some people access to the beta version of the app. Until then, users can access the AI from their web browsers instead of an app from this link right here. Let us know your thoughts on the pros and cons of ChatGPT in the comment section below.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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