FacePause: This Extension Pauses YouTube Automatically When You Look Away


It’s pretty annoying when someone interrupts when you’re in the middle of a YouTube video. You only realize after some moments that you’ve missed a few seconds or minutes and you need to rewind.

Thankfully, a developer named Mattias Hemmingsson has created a Chrome extension called FacePause that helps you in such situations. It can automatically pause YouTube when you look away from the screen. For instance, to check your dog trying to steal some food from your kitchen.

He has used the new FaceDetector API that Google has started shipping with Google Chrome 56. The API helps in easy detection of human faces in images. It goes without saying that the webcam on your device used for that purpose.

The idea sounds great but also creepy because we are living in the digital era where even leaving a PC unattended could have immediate consequences, face detection is another level. Many won’t feel comfortable giving some experimental app access to their webcam (and their lives). The same goes for the developer.

“I don’t trust my webcam and I have it covered,” writes Hemmingsson on his GitHub repo.

“See this more as an experiment of Chromes new technology, than a product you’d use every day.”

How to pause YouTube like a boss?

You can download the FacePause extension from the Chrome Store, but to use it you need to enable the Chrome experimental features flag.


If you don’t want to install the extension, watch the demo video and entertain yourself:

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya likes to cover topics related to Microsoft, Windows 10, Apple Watch, and interesting gadgets. But when he is not working, you can find him binge-watching random videos on YouTube (after he has wasted an hour on Netflix trying to find a good show). Reach out at [email protected]
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