Facebook Brings Youth Portal to Aware Kids About Their Data Usage Policy

Facebook youth portal
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Facebook has received copious criticism from the general public and lawmakers about the lack of a mechanism to aware young users about the safe and accountable usage of internet. In a bid to reprieve such backlash in future, the social media kingpin has launched a Youth Portal.

The vibrant looking Facebook Youth Portal is targeted at “Empowering Youth” and comprises general guide, safety information and most importantly a brief insight into Facebook’s data usage policy.

Launched in 60 languages, the portal is divided into three different sections namely Facebook Basics, Peer Voices ad Safety Centre.

Important Topics Featuring in the Facebook Youth Portal

The newly designed portal features following topics to help Gen Z in using Facebook in a better manner:

  • Facebook Basics

This section can be considered as a general guide to the functionalities of Facebook. Nitty gritty of Facebook including Profiles, Pages, Groups, and Events is explained thoroughly in an engaging manner to attract the interest of youth. Also, the section talks about security, safety and privacy tips one should follow while operating Facebook.

  • Guiding Principles and Teen Blog

Facebook understands the influence of peers in the building years of life. Therefore, the Peer Voices section states a set of guiding principles that can be followed to refrain from all kinds of troubles one can face when appearing online for the first time. The mentioned principles are compiled by Liz Perle, an immensely experienced youth and emerging trends consultant.  Kids can also read blog posts in this segment.

  • Safety Guidelines

This segment of the portal is dedicated not only to the young audience but grown-ups as well. Users can read Facebook’s safety policies, tools they can use to protect their data and identity on the social media platform and the resources rendered to users to keep them safe online.

According to Facebook, the portal has been developed after discussing with teens of different countries including Itay, UK, Brazil and the US. Inputs were also received from users during Safer Day Intenet Workshops organized in Sao Paulo, Global Safety Network Summits and #WeMatter youth forum in Canada.

Through this portal, Facebook has, in a way, tried to bridge the gap that exists between internet companies and young generation. The portal can appease the rising condemnation of the lack of a formal introduction module describing the set of rules and best practices for all the new and young users who join social media network on a daily basis.

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