Facebook Copies TickTok/Musical.ly With New Video Music App Lasso

Facebook Lasso App

According to some former Facebook employees, Facebook is working on a new video and music app that will reportedly compete with the Musical.ly.

The Facebook product will offer the same Musical.ly features — lip syncing or dancing to favorite videos and music. One person familiar with the matter told Techcrunch: “It’s basically TikTok/ Musically. It’s full-screen, built for teens, fun and funny, and focused on creation.”

The Music App from Facebook named Lasso will be designed under the leadership of Facebook’s lead product designer Brady Voss who is previously known to work on Facebook TV.

Increasing the tension for in the TickTok office, Facebook has added lip-sync live feature to Facebook pages, starting from today. Also, the new music feature will be adding onscreen lyrics, turning it into a more like karaoke experience. It has also rolled out music stickers that users can add to their Facebook stories.


From its release, TickTok/Musical.ly has become very popular among teens. The app has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. And my Instagram feed is always over-flowing with TickTok videos. I think it will be interesting to see how Facebook’s Lasso will compete with TickTok.

Musical.ly/Ticktok isn’t alone; even dating app Tinder is going face stiff competition from Facebook. Seemingly, the company is also working on its dating app which has already started public-testing in Columbia.

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