Facebook Bringing Second News Feed With New “Rocket” Button

facebook second news feed

Short Bytes: Many Facebook users across the world have reported a new “rocket” button in their iOS and Android apps. This button is basically a way to access a second Facebook feed that will contain stories from the pages you haven’t liked. As this feature is currently in the experimental phase, we can’t be certain if it’ll be rolled out globally.

Are you ready for a new Facebook feature that isn’t copied from Snapchat? It’s possible that your updated Facebook app might be already having this feature but you haven’t noticed it yet. Many Facebook users across the world have spotted a new rocket button in their smartphone apps.

So, what does this rocket button do? This button is a gateway to a second news feed. Yes, if you’re already too bored with your news feed, this feed could be useful for you. It shows you content from the sources you haven’t liked, but they’ll be still based on your interests.

Here’s how the second news feed rocket button looks like on iOS:

Here’s how it looks like on Android:

In a statement sent to TechCrunch, Facebook has confirmed that the company has introduced the button as a global experiment. “We’ve heard from people that they want an easy way to explore new content they haven’t connected with yet,” the company added.

Before this rocket button, there were some more experiments that Facebook performed to lure more users. But, if you’re thinking that Facebook’s second feed will drastically amplify your social networking experience, you’re wrong. The second feed is simply a collection of things that are similar to what you’re already seeing on the first feed.

At the moment this feature is fairly new and limited. So, it can’t be said with certainty that it’ll be rolled to everybody. Even if it doesn’t make the final cut, believe me, you shouldn’t be much disappointed. It could be just another Facebook “feature” to keep you hooked for a longer time.

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