Facebook Rolls Out New Ads Feature For More Transparency


Transparency in ads is improving at a rapid pace with major tech companies finally paying attention to user data privacy and security. After Google came out with new ads settings to give more control over ads and added a new option of ad personalization, Facebook launched their own new ad features providing users access to credentials of advertisers.

Facebook, responding to the scrutiny it received from users and lawmakers from all over the world since its platform played a crucial role in influencing the 2016 presidential election, has released new ad features to make the advertiser’s activity over facebook completely transparent.


In a blog post, the new advertisement features will enable people to know about all running ads that a page has listed over a specific day, even if it doesn’t cater you specifically. The new feature also extends to Instagram and Facebook messenger as well.

To test out the new feature yourself, go over to any sponsored ad profile and tap on “Info and Ads” button and you can go through the page history, and running ads that the page had placed since day one. You can also report any advertisement if you find it irrelevant or offensive.

For political advertisement, Facebook also annouced that it will add disclosures for political ads for the upcoming Brazil general elections coming in July. This is an addition to the previously launched “Paid for by” which enforces political adverts to register and put information in a digital archive involving demographics and budget information which can be accessed by users.

After the infamous Cambridge analytica scam in which 126 million users’ information was abused, Facebook is moving very carefully with introspecting its every step

Twitter, on the other hand, also launched a new Ads Transparency Center, making it very simple for people to have clear insight and details on who is advertising on Twitter.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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