Facebook Refuses To Pay The Paltry Fine Imposed For Cambridge Analytica Scandal


Facebook has appealed against the meager £500,000 fine imposed by the UK authorities for the social media company’s involvement in the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal.

According to Facebook, the authorities have found no evidence in the leakage of users’ data, and the £500,000 fine is uncalled for. Facebook was given a period of 30 days to challenge the Information Commissioner’s verdict, and the company appealed on the last day.

ICO imposed the penalty on Facebook for posing a risk to the sensitive data of the UK users and not addressing the issue on a priority basis after identifying it.

Facebook’s lawyer Anna Benckert said: “The ICO’s investigation stemmed from concerns that UK citizens’ data may have been impacted by Cambridge Analytica, yet they now have confirmed that they have found no evidence to suggest that information of Facebook users in the UK was ever shared by Dr. Kogan with Cambridge Analytica.”

The appeal by Facebook will be considered by an independent body called the General Regulatory Chamber Tribunal. If Facebook is unhappy with the decision, it could further challenge the decision in the Court of Appeal.

Facebook’s refusal to accept the Lilliputian fine could highlight the issue again that caused data breach of about 1.1 million UK users.

In another report, Facebook has been plagued by internal conflict after Mark Zuckerberg’s aggressive approach forced many top-level executives to leave the company.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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