Facebook Privacy Status Hoax Is Back To Fool You. Don’t Fall For It.


FACEBOOK PRIVACY HOAX STATUS FAKEShort Bytes: Facebook privacy hoax status update is back to fool you. Before going into the details, let me tell you one thing — DON’T fall for this hoax and copy-paste some privacy message on your wall. You are in full control of your Facebook content and you can take a privacy checkup anytime to confirm it.

If you are an avid Facebook user, you might have come across a certain post that is being passed on as an official message from the social network. It insists the users to copy and paste the same message on their walls to deny Facebook of all the rights of their Facebook content.

This message isn’t the first case that’s creating a panic amongst users. Such hoaxes trigger the aggressive sharing of some status or image from time to time. Later, users find out that they were fooled.

Coming back to the latest hoax, it’s hard to understand how hundreds of thousands of users fall for such gimmicks each time. Here’s what this hoax Facebook status reads:facebook privacy hoax msg

While you might have some dubious thoughts regarding Mark Zuckerberg’s intentions, Facebook’s Terms and Condition policies clearly state that a user has the full right to control the content of his/her profile.

Facebook clearly tells how someone’s information and content is shared on the social network and what changes you need to make to restrict the reach of your posts.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Facebook has released an official statement, urging the users to avoid such messages. Here’s what the social network has to say:

You may have seen a post telling you to copy and paste a notice to retain control over things you share on Facebook. Don’t believe it. You own your content and can control how it is shared through your privacy settings.

As said above, you can go ahead and check your privacy settings and see how your content is being shared.facebook privacy hoax msg hoax

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