Facebook Is Reposting Your Old Photos Without Permission

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Short Bytes: Some old posts of people have started to reappear on Facebook. Many of these were created months ago and complete with tags, etc. This is happening without their permission and the cause is assumed to be an unknown bug.

Many people have claimed that photos and posts they shared months or even years ago have started to reappear on their Facebook profile. That too, without their permission. The issue was first reported by PCMag after a user posted his query on the Facebook Help Community. However, his question is still unanswered (at the time of writing).

The cause of the bug is currently not known. But the issue has been reported right after a new app update was released by Facebook a couple of days ago. It can also be related to the Year in Review feature facebook has prepared to play some role in how you end up with the year 2016.

Some people even changed their Facebook account passwords they were thought their account was hacked.

It isn’t surprising to hear things like this when Facebook is involved. Earlier, the company declared Mark Zuckerberg as a dead man along with other users. Again, thanks to a bug which is to be blamed every time. For instance, where Fake News gets easily spread on the world’s biggest social networking website.

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