The Most Popular Facebook Page Last Quarter Was The One That Violated Its Policies

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Image: Pexels

It turns out that the most popular Facebook page in the U.S. was something that wasn’t supposed to be on the platform in the first place. The page that the social media giant eventually took down on grounds of policy violation gathered 121M+ views during Q4 2021.

In its latest Widely Viewed Content Report, Meta revealed some stats about which content U.S.-based Facebook users consumed the most between October and December 2021. It focused on the content viewed from Facebook’s Feed and excluded the views gained from other sections such as Marketplace and Watch.

A frown-triggering highlight of the report was how the most widely-viewed page went against the platform’s Community Standards. Worryingly enough, the page garnered about 121.8M views before getting the ax.

Although Facebook’s Transparency Center didn’t mention any details about the page, it revealed that a majority of the top 20 pages talked about lifestyle and entertainment. Moreover, the report underlined that these pages alone accounted for 1.1% of all content views in the U. S. This is a jump from the 1.0% mark in its preceding quarter.

The Feed content’s growth — even if it’s a small one — in its share of overall views could be a cause for concern as long as policy-violating pages keep ranking high. Naturally, it has become imperative for the controversy-laden social media company and its parent meta to take action against such content before it reaches a large audience.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s content moderation? Have you come across a Facebook post that shouldn’t have been there? Sound off in the comments.

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