Facebook Labels Trump Posts After “Premature” Claims Of Victory


Social media platforms seem to be in no mood to take the fall for a swing in the U.S. Presidential Elections. Both Facebook and Twitter have added labels to posts from Trump as well as Biden and other key candidates. While Twitter has added a simple label, Facebook went out on a limb and added relevant fact-check banners to all of Trump’s recent claims on the platform.

Facebook Newsroom posted an update on Twitter that the platform was running a notification on Instagram and Facebook. The notification titled “Votes Are Still being Counted” says that there are no projections about a winner for the elections yet. The company also said the notification started right after President Trump made “premature claims of victory.”

When The Fable Starts, The Label Starts

Fable: A story not founded on fact.

Very much in line with one of Mr. Trump’s most conflicted tweets, this is exactly what happened. Last night, President Trump made claims about a “big win” and that he “won the election,” much to the surprise of the authorities still counting the vote. However, Facebook went ahead and called the bluff, putting not just a notification label, but clarifications on all of Trump’s recent posts.

The move isn’t limited to the posts made by President Trump but also extends to the Facebook pages of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence. While their posts received a simple verification banner, Trump’s posts got labeled with different fact-check links, all to debunk his claims.

Some may call it aggressive policing by the social media giant, but the lack of context in Trump’s posts has been the highlight of these elections in the U.S. We also listed 5 Donald Trump tweets that should be flagged for misleading claims and false alarms. Twitter has also joined the party and hit the President’s feed with disclaimers about the U.S. elections security efforts.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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