Facebook Friends Mapper: Free Tool Lets You See Facebook Hidden Friends List of Others

how to facebook friends mapper hidden friend list
how to facebook friends mapper hidden friend list


In the recent past, Facebook has brought more power to the users and now they can control all the information they’ve shared on their Facebook accounts. You can go to your Facebook privacy settings and limit the visibility of posts, pictures and whatnot.

Many of you would have set the privacy of your friends list as private. But this isn’t enough. A week ago, a new Chrome extension came into the limelight and it claims to reveal the hidden friends list to your friends. I tried out this tool myself and the “Only Me” option to keep your friends list hidden from the world doesn’t work anymore.

How does this Facebook Friends Mapper extension for Chrome work?

Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension fools the mutual friends feature of the Facebook and collects the hidden friends’ data of your friends and makes them public for you.

Let’s suppose a friend of yours doesn’t share his/her friends list but has few mutual friends with you. THN writes: “If, for example, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not share his friends list with the public and neither I am on his friend list. However, I have at least one mutual friend with him. So using Facebook Friends Mapper tool I would be able to see most of his hidden Facebook friends by exploiting the ‘mutual friend’ logical flaw.”

How to use Facebook Friends Mapper extension for Chrome?

Step 1:

To see any friend’s hidden friends list, you need to download and install the Facebook Friend Mapper extension and restart the browser.

Step 2:

Now go to your friend’s profile whom you are wishing to see the hidden friends list. You will be seeing a new (Reveal Friends) option in the friends tab.



Click on the Reveal Friends option and you will be able to see all the friends whether they are your mutual friends or not.


Warning: These kinds of extensions are not good for your web browser, I just installed them in order to make the tutorial and write about this flaw. So I won’t recommend you to use this on a permanent basis.

Note: However, to use this Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension, you must have one mutual friend with the target. It doesn’t matter if you are Facebook friends with that person or not.

If someone uses this tool, your privacy settings won’t work for that person and your hidden friends list will be exposed. I hope Facebook fixes this logical flaw before this tool goes viral.

You can install and check out the Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome extension for free.

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