Facebook Blocks Access To User Data For “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Apps”


In the aftermath of biggest privacy scandal – Cambridge Analytica; Facebook is doing everything in power to ensure user data is never again abused in the future.

Trying to keep its word of improving privacy policies, the social media giant has announced that it is cutting off API access for “hundreds of thousands of inactive apps” which haven’t been submitted for the app review process.

Facebook Platform APIs allow 3rd party developers to access user’s profile data and permissions to get their app more involving for instance, publishing a post on your behalf.

The company first announced an August 1st deadline back in May for app developers to submit their app for a comprehensive review. Following which the company also released strict API restrictions to protect the privacy of users.

For apps under review process, Facebook says developers will not lose their API access while their app is in the queue or being reviewed. And developers would have a restricted time frame to respond to Facebook’s inquiries. If a developer does not acknowledge, Facebook will remove the app’s access to APIs that require approval.

“Our goal with all these changes is to ensure that we better protect people’s Facebook information while also enabling developers to build great social experiences – like managing a group, planning a trip or getting concert tickets for your favorite band.” says the Facebook in a blog post.

Just recently, we saw another Facebook app which exposed 120 million users for many years.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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