Facebook Is Building An All New PC Gaming Platform With Unity


facebook-gamesShort Bytes: Facebook has tied up with Unity for the development of its PC gaming platform. It would allow publishers to port iOS and Android games to the computers. Unity 5.4 is available as a closed alpha build to a limited number of developers who manage to apply before 31 August.

Facebook has announced that it will partner with Unity Technologies to propel its PC gaming platform. Their game development tools have been integrated into Unity 5.4 version of the game engine. The same would be available to a limited number of developers as a part of the closed alpha release which can be availed by applying before 31st August.

Unity’s game engine powers most of the games available on Facebook’s social gaming platform. Now, with this collaboration, Facebook wants to extend the horizon of their gaming world to the PCs. This would be done by enabling downloadable games for PCs which will be isolated from distractions like News Feed.

The new Facebook PC gaming platform would facilitate the game publishers to put their Android and iOS games on the desktop platform. Also, the desktop app would be able to make better utilization of the hardware resources. Thus, enabling support for more hardcore games. It will put Facebook in direct competition with the already established Steam.

Until now, it has been a difficult task for the game developers to port Unity games to Facebook’s online gaming platform. Credits should be given to the complexities in Facebook’s developer SDK. Now, they have made the process more simple and streamlined than before.

It’s not the first time Facebook has revealed its intentions to foray into the PC gaming world. They launched Facebook Games Arcade beta for Microsoft Windows in May. Surely, the app will expand to other operating systems also.

For now, it is unclear that how their PC gaming platform would proceed with its development and become mature enough to attract gamers currently connected to other gaming communities.

All the big boys in the technology space are eyeing the gaming platforms a major part of their future plans. Google already has YouTube gaming and Microsoft recently purchased Beam which allows users to interact with a live game stream using on-screen controls.

As far as Facebook is concerned, they already have their billion dollar gaming network on the web. But they are upgrading it to offer something more than Candy Crush and its free requests–here’s how to block them. They are on a mission to connect the world through internet. It doesn’t matter if it requires taking control of the internet itself.

Facebook already owns your digital social life. They have the internet drones, internet.org for free basic internet services, much more. Recently, they have been promoting their video sharing and live streaming services too. This time, with a new desktop gaming platform, they are eyeing a big crop of gamers.

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