Now You Can Turn Your Best Facebook Gaming Moments Into Reels

Facebook Gaming Rolls Out Clips to Reels Feature.

Facebook Gaming
Image: Facebook

Facebook is a popular platform for gamers to upload gameplay clips and build an audience. Keeping in mind the importance of videos, Facebook Gaming has developed a new feature that will benefit gamers.

The ‘Clips to Reels‘ feature allows users to turn their live gameplay clips directly into Reels. The feature was officially announced last month, but Facebook is now rolling it out for partners.

Clips to Reels

The feature makes the entire process of creating reels a lot easier. Creators can cut their favorite part from a gameplay moment and turn it into a vertical 1-minute clip. The Reels will have a dual view to show both the creator cam and gameplay.

The Clips to Reels feature lets creators conveniently share highlights within their Creator Studio Clips Library.

One reason behind Facebook’s growing attention to reels could be the massive success the feature has experienced on Instagram. In Q1 of 2022, the company disclosed that Reels make up 20% of people’s time on Instagram.

How to use Clips to Reels

Image: Facebook

To use the feature, visit the ‘Creator Studio portal’ on the desktop and move to the Clips category. Once you are done, pick the clip you want to convert into a Reel and select the ‘Create Reel’ option from the drop-down menu.

All that’s left to do after that is to trim down the clip to fit the length requirements of Reels and crop the sections of your video to include footage areas where your main gameplay occurs. The rest is up to the tool, which will automatically align the correct layout for Reels.

After you have created the Reel, add a caption, include hashtags, and share it directly to your page. If you want to add GIFs, music, or video, download the Reel and re-upload it to utilize Facebook’s editing tools.

While Facebook Gaming is not a popular destination like Twitch, the social media company is working on making it mainstream.



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