Facebook Accused Of Allowing Gender Discriminating Job Ads

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A group of female Facebook users has filed a gender discrimination complaint against Facebook and nine other companies for allowing gender biased job ads on the platform.

The ACLU along with law firm Outten & Golden LLP and the Communications Workers of America have filed a class action suit filed on behalf of three female workers with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The charges accuse Facebook and other companies of unlawfully discriminating between gender by targeting their job ads to male Facebook users only. Such ads deny all women and non-binary users from receiving the job opportunities.

The job ads in question were from male-dominated fields for roles such as security engineer, roofer, mechanic, truck drivers, etc. The social networking giant is under fire for using its targeting system to control who received those ads.

Bobbi Spees, a job-seeker and one of the three complainants in the case says, “I’ve heard stories about when people looked for jobs in the classified ads and big bold letters read ‘help wanted-male’ or ‘help wanted-female.’ I was shocked to find that this discrimination is still happening, just online instead of in newspapers,”

“I shouldn’t be shut out of the chance to hear about a job opportunity just because I am a woman,” she added.

Meanwhile, Facebook has said that “there is no place for discrimination on Facebook; it’s strictly prohibited in our policies.” The social media giant is now reviewing the complaint filed by ACLU and looking forward to “defending our practices.”

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