This App Pauses Any Video Or Game When You Don’t Look At The Screen


Don’t you hate it when you get distracted while watching videos or playing games and you miss out on something? And then you are left with no choice but to rewind the video or restart the game because it’s over by then!

Modern problems like these require modern solutions. This is why a 19-yr-old developer named Carl Duncan has created ‘Face Pause‘ — an app that automatically pauses other apps if you are not looking at the screen.

Face Pause uses face detection to pause the screen when you look away from it. The app resumes the screen when you look back.

face pause

The app also offers a launcher interface from where you can easily launch your favorite apps directly. It has a ‘power saving mode’ as well where you can manually turn on/off the screen.

face pause

Through Face Pause, you can also use the rear view camera of your phone to control the pause. For a greater degree of control, you get to choose how often the camera should check if you have turned away.

The best part is that the app is very light with a mere 2.5MB size so you won’t even notice it there. However, I did find one problem with the app.

The FacePause claims to resume the video after you turn your face towards the screen, but this feature doesn’t seem to work for me when I use it on YouTube. Nevertheless, it worked with a couple of games I tried. So I am guessing it’s just a bug which would get fixed eventually.

Other than this minor flaw, the app works great with other music apps and Instagram as well. Overall, it’s a cool and handy app to have on your smartphone.

And the next time you don’t feel like lifting your finger to pause an app from playing, just use Face Pause to laze around as much as you want!

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