EZTV Proxy List 2022: Access EZTV New Site With These Proxies

EZTV torrent comes alive again!


With the surge of streaming services and websites, torrenting has taken a drastic hit. Some of the best torrent sites have witnessed a huge downfall in traffic in recent times.

Another reason why the popularity of torrent sites has waned over time is the banning activity carried out by law enforcement agencies. Several top torrent sites have been banned by authorities and ISPs for hosting copyrighted content. One such website is EZTV. It is a popular website that has faced the brunt of laws and has been blocked in several regions.

Here, we’ll tell you how you can still access the new EZTV site in 2022 using proxies.

Since the torrent site has caught the eye of authorities, the EZTV torrent site has been shifting its domain making it unavailable for several users around the world. Below, we have enlisted a list of 100% working EZTV proxy sites that’ll allow you to access the website even if it is blocked in your country.

Other Proxy Lists:
1. Yify Proxy List
2. Pirate Bay Proxy List
3. KickAss Proxy List
4. ExtraTorrents Proxy List
5. 1337x Proxy List

Disclaimer: The torrent sites mentioned in this article are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.

How EZTV Works?

When EZTV was created in 2005, its purpose was to never host its own torrent files or run its tracker to make sure it doesn’t attract any legal troubles. However, after a hostile takeover, the original EZTV was shut down in 2015. The current proxy versions of EZTV work like a regular torrent website that uploads the torrent files and hosts trackes, and allow users to download and share them.

EZTV Proxy List 2022 [100% Working Proxies To Unblock EZTV]

How To Access EZTV New Site?

The original EZTV site has suffered the same fate as other popular torrent sites and has been blocked by ISPs in some regions. Now, if you have to access the new EZTV site, you can use the aforementioned EZTV proxy sites. These proxy websites work by routing your internet traffic via a proxy server so that the destination website is unaware of your source IP address. With the help of our EZTV proxy list, you can access the EZTV torrent site and download your favorite torrent files.

Alternate Ways To Access EZTV in 2022?

If the above proxy links aren’t working, it might be possible due to extra strict geographical restrictions imposed by your ISP or government. In that case, you can use VPNs. Please find below some great VPN packages:

EZTV Alternatives 2022

If you’re not able to access the EZTV torrent site, here are some alternatives that you can use in 2021 to download torrents. These EZTV alternatives are apt for downloading audio, video, and documents via torrents.

1. The Pirate Bay – Best EZTV Torrent Alternative

Pirate bay Yify alternative

The Pirate Bay is undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites available on the internet. The website provides an easy option to download torrent files. The torrent search engine has a vast number of torrent files available and the user interface is extremely simple. You can use The Pirate bay without thinking twice when EZTV is down.

2. Kickass Torrents – Best Torrent Site To Replace EZTV


Kickass Torrent is another popular torrent site that needs no introduction. The decade-old torrent site is the preferred choice of many torrent freaks. You can find torrent files of various genres including movies, games music, and documents here. However, Kickass Torrent is often inaccessible in some regions of the world owing to the fact that the original website has been shut down long ago. Therefore, we recommend you use Kickass Proxy sites in such a case.

1337x proxy list

1337x or LEET as it is commonly known amongst the torrent community is a popular destination for those who want to download movies via torrent. The torrent site caters to a large audience by offering a variety of torrent files. 1337x has a neat user interface and we strongly recommend this website if you want to experience torrenting without intrusive advertisements. You can also access the torrent site using the 1337x proxy list we have prepared to help you if you’re unable to access the website due to any reason.

4. Yify – Best EZTV Alternative For Movie Buffs

Yify proxy sites

Yify is a torrent site that has become popular in recent years and it’s bound to remain popular in 2022 and beyond. One of the reasons behind this is the ease of usage offered by this torrent site. Yify has a special section on its website where you can watch the latest movie trailers. Yify is one of the best torrent sites if you want to watch the latest movie trailers and download movies.


1. Has EZTV been shut down?

The original EZTV website was shut down back in 2015 but there are proxy sites and mirror sites that you can use to access the website. However, you can use the above-mentioned EZTV proxy sites to download torrents from the torrent site.

2. How do I access EZTV in 2022?

To access the new EZTV site, you can use the proxy sites of the torrent site. All the proxy sites mentioned above were working perfectly at the time of writing.

3. What are some good EZTV alternatives?

If you’re unable to access the EZTV torrent site due to any reason, you can use other alternatives such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent, 1337x, and more. We have mentioned some EZTV alternatives above in this article.

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