Extratorrent Is Still Dead — Don’t Fall For Copycats And The Pirate Bay Mirrors Like Extratorrent.cd

Extratorrent.cd, which was assumed to be a resurrected version of the defunct website Extratorrent.cc, is just a clone website, that too of the torrent site The Pirate Bay.

Extratorrent.cd indexes a torrent from 2004 (originally uploaded on TPB) which is long before the original Extratorrent came into existence. So, Extratorrent.cd is just the mirror of The Pirate Bay and carries the UI of Extratorrent.

The screenshots below include the results of the torrent search made on the two torrent sites:

Extratorrent.cd clone
Image: Extratorrent.cd
the pirate bay chaparall
Image: The Pirate Bay

There isn’t anything fishy about the torrent site but it would have been a better situation if the creators didn’t disguise it has Extratorrent.

Fossbytes was able to confirm this fact from Torrent Freak, which was able to tie the strings of the website to TPB’s database, in an email. The same is concluded by TF in their report.

In an earlier story published on May 23, Fossbytes wasn’t able to verify the authenticity of Extratorrent.cd. The story didn’t explicitly state that the resurrected website was linked to Extratorrent.cc but it didn’t falsify the fact either.

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