Google’s Former AI Boss To Make Siri Smarter And Lead Apple’s AI Efforts


Former Google AI head John Giannandrea, who joined Apple earlier this year, will now lead the company’s combined team of Core ML and Siri Technologies.

As confirmed by the Apple Leadership website, Giannandrea will move forward with his role of leading Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence encompassing the Siri assistant team and Core ML, the Apple machine learning API, team.

Apple is persistently indulging in AI since it lags way behind the other two leading forces in the AI: Google and Facebook. Unlike Google Assistant, Siri doesn’t use AI to its full potential in capturing the crux of language so we might see some improvements there. Also, we might notice some new AI implications on Apple Maps.

Since Core ML team is receiving a new leader, third-party developers would see some ease in maintaining and releasing AI focused apps.

Giannandrea leaded Google Artificial Intelligence team for whopping eight years, so it’s not a surprise that Apple wants him to lead the company into the future.

Back in April, Apple had announced that Giannandrea will run its machine learning and AI technology and would be one of 16 executives who will directly report to Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

As first reported by TechCrunch, the Siri and Core ML teams would remain the same, but they will now answer to Giannandrea.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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