Everything New On Netflix This Weekend: July 25, 2020

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This week in our “New on Netflix” series, we have movies like Animal Crackers and Offering To The Storm. Netflix has added another travel show called Street Food in which viewers get to know more about the cuisines of Latin America.

There is a new interesting show called Signs which mystery lovers should definitely watch. Apart from that the popular series Kissing Booth is back for the second time after garnering a lot of attention in the previous one.

New Shows On Netflix This Week

Before you move ahead to watch the trailers for everything new on Netflix this week, here is a list of new Netflix shows at a glance:

New Netflix MoviesRelease YearAvailable on Netflix
The Larva Island Movie2020July 23
Animal Crackers2017July 24
Offering To The Storm2020July 25
New Netflix TV SeriesRelease YearAvailable on Netflix
Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love (Part 2)2020July 20
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): Season 22020July 21
Street Food: Latin America (Season 1)2020July 21
Norseman (Season 3)2020July 21
Fear City: New York vs The Mafia2020July 22
Signs (Season 1)2018July 23
The Kissing Booth 22020July 24

New Movies On Netflix This Week

1. The Larva Island Movie

It is a movie sequel to the popular series The Larva Island where Chuck returns home and talks to a reporter about life on the island with his larva pals Red and Yellow.

2. Animal Crackers

A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a rundown circus from being taken over by their evil uncle.

3. Offering to the Storm

Inspector Amaia Salazar confronts the origins of her nightmares as she unfolds the darkest secrets of the Baztan valley.

New TV Series On Netflix This Week

4. Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love (Part 2)

Ashley and the crew are back for the second round. This time the relationships, crushes and conflicts are soaring to all new heights.

5. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast): Season 2

Three friends quickly became shooting stars with their online drugs shop MyDrugs. After making 1 million Euros they decided to call it a day and quit. However, they can’t as they’re followed not only by the police but also by two street-gangsters.

6. Street Food: Latin America

Street Food, the documentary series is back once again — this time to taste the mouth-watering dishes of Latin America as they explore local Street Food in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia.

7. The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth is open for business again! High school senior Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend, college applications with her best friend, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.

8. Fear City: New York vs The Mafia

This story is set in the 70s era when New York was owned by powerful Mafia families. With the full might of the FBI and an army of undercover agents, witness the bugging, the investigation, the era-defining conclusion of the historic Mafia Commission Trial comes to an end.

9. Signs (Season 1)

When a young woman’s murder shows similarities to a decade-old cold case, a new police commander must break the silence permeating the Owl Mountain town.

10. Norseman (Season 3)

In 790 AD, the Vikings of Norheim have a hectic schedule that includes pillaging, plundering, enslaving others and solving problems with violence.

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