Windows 10 features microsoft kills

With every Windows 10 update, Microsoft releases many fixes, tweaks, and several exciting features. However, it also cuts down several tools and functionalities.

Last week, Microsoft released a document listing out features that it had to do away with the recent Windows 10 November Update.

In the published document, the Windows-maker also describes features that have been shut down since the Windows 10 version 1703, aka Windows 10 Creators Update (2017).

Thus, if you have always wondered about a Windows tool disappearing into thin air, here is a chance to gain some answers.

Since the document briefs many features, including the ones relevant only to developers, we have curated a few which might be relevant to general users.

Here is the list of few Windows 10 features no longer developing –

My People
Remember the contacts icon on the taskbar? Well, it will no longer be there in the future updates, along with the “My People” app that allowed users to send a message, files, and media to their favorite contacts.

Language Community Tab

Ever tried giving feedback to Microsoft? Nevermind! Windows 10 will no longer have the language community tab in the Feedback hub. It was to provide feedback related to translation-related features and problems.

Windows to Go

For those who don’t know, the WTG feature enabled users to boot up Windows 10 on a USB or external storage. Back in May 2019, Microsoft announced that it would no longer develop the feature.

Snipping Tool

Before Snip and Sketch, the Snipping tool was the go-to destination for taking screenshots and editing images. However, Microsoft removed the tool with the Windows 10 version 1809

Phone Companion

Microsoft long back removed the Phone Companion app and instead added its features in the “Your Phone” app.

So, it can be concluded that Microsoft is removing these features because there are alternatives in place or no one uses them. To know more about the deprecated features, you can read the document from the link above.

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