Social Media Sites Will Face EU Fine If Terrorist Content Isn’t Removed Within 1 Hour


Only five years back, typing “Bomb-making Instructions” on Google would have given you a detailed itinerary on how you can make lethal weapons at home. But times have changed; getting access to extreme content is now getting more difficult.

Anyway, Google wouldn’t want to face another massive fine from EU regulators. But, on the other side, social media websites have remained inefficient in tracking down terrorist content on their sites, ever after back-to-back warnings from the European Union.

Now, it seems like EU is done with warnings and is now imposing stricter guidelines for social media sites. According to a Financial Times report, EU is planning to impose fines if radicalizing content isn’t removed within one hour of posting.

It’s not that ample time wasn’t given to these websites; the legislation was first passed in March but at that time firms were asked to remove the content voluntarily.

Clearly, the Brussels European Parliament is not happy with the progress made by these tech firms. “We cannot afford to relax or become complacent in the face of such a shadowy and destructive phenomenon,” said Julian King, the EU’s commissioner for security.

The inflexible measures are likely to get into action from next month. As of now, there isn’t any information on specifics like how much fine these websites will have to pay.

Given the massive database of Facebook and more than 1.5 billion accounts on Facebook, we might see another hefty fine from the EU regulators soon.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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